Interview with Woven’s narrative designer

Interview 23-8-2019

This is a interview between Roel Pieterse (StickyLock Marketing Division)  and Matthijs Kramer (Narrative Designer Alterego Games).

So. Is the game finished yet?
*Laughs*, nearly there! We finished putting in new content about a month ago, and are now testing for bugs and gameplay improvements while also working with our publisher partners Nintendo, Microsoft, Playstation and Valve to make sure we get through all the checks and launch in time.

So, can you tell me why three guys decided to make a cutesee game about a stuffed animal that has gotten lost?
Well I blame that on one of the founders of Alterego Games; Vincent. He had the concept playing around for a long time, of a game that ‘feels good, just to be in’. A game that makes grownups relive some of those childhood feels. Dominic and me just sort of came to love the concept, and wanted to contrast it with a darker themed story and steampunk spiders.

So its not a kids game then?
Well, I’m certain 7+ will enjoy the game. Stuffy is really cute and the customization mechanic is real neat. But lots of the nuances in the story might go over their head. A bit like how like a movie like Shrek, or Tim Burtons work are not just for kids. 

What can players expect of the game?

Wow, ok, let me think. First and foremost: an adventure. Exploring a woolen world at your leisure, solving puzzles, gathering collectibles while the music changes to what you do and the narrator rhymes the story together.
Each level of the game is pretty different and has its own set of mechanics and feel to it. But overall you are an explorer of the world and of its history both.  

Ok, something else. You guys did a kickstarter in 2016. It didn’t fund. What did you guys take away from that?
Well, not a budget, obviously! But yeah, it was hard at first, and difficult to grasp what had happened. But we did take a long hard look at our campaign. We had of course zero experience in marketing, and also, back then, fearing spoilers, we didn’t showcase a lot of the game in our art or trailers.
But those Youtubers and Twitchers that we did reach and played the actual game were super excited. We went viral on Imgur and literally thousands upon thousands liked the game. It was humbling, but in the end it wasn’t enough. Not to make it happen in 2016 at least. 
I think that is what we took away most of all; what we made was good, but our marketing strategy was lacking, and we had to show more than just the first few minutes of the game.

Is that why you partnered up with StickyLock Studios?
Yes! They told us: You do you, and let us do us, focus on making a good game, and we’ll make sure people get to see it. And that is how it came to be.

Moving forward, what are your hopes and expectation for Woven?
Honestly? I just want to see people enjoy the game. A lot of love went into some of the smallest of details. I’m looking forward to seeing people fit the puzzle pieces and all the little hints together.

And after Woven? Do you have plans for more games involving lost toys?
Let’s get Woven properly launched first! But after that, who knows.
What I can tell is that we’re not going to sit still, and we do have a concept in mind, and it is something quite different.  


Thank you for your time
And you for yours. 


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  • On: July 15, 2019

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