Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

-Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions. Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Sure it isn’t ‘42’? Feel free to join our discord and ask us there.


 Which platforms does Woven launch on?
-Steam(Windows and MacOS), Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Switch.
Linux has not yet been confirmed.


 Which languages does Woven support?
-The game’s story is told by a narrator that rhymes, and he speaks only English.
We included subtitles and a translation of the game’s interface in English, Spanish, Dutch, French and German.


When will it launch?
-Our current launch date is set to Q4 2019, which we admit is a bit vague. We will announce the release date as soon as we know we can guarantee a platform wide launch. This has our primary focus.


How many hours of gameplay does Woven offer?
-Well, it’s a laid back exploration and collectible game. So playtime varies. a regular playthrough takes about 10-15 hours. If you are the collector type, there is easily 20 hours of content for you. If you want to try to speed run it, our studio record is held by 3D artist Jos, and timed at an hour and forty-seven minutes, good luck.
Update: No one has yet beaten this record.


For what price will Woven launch?
-The price has not been announced yet, but will be announced together with the release date.


 I saw the age rating, is Woven a kids game?
-No. Woven is kid friendly (and our PEGI age ratings reflect this) but the game offers a sense of humour and story complexity that appeals to an older audience just the same.


The trailer looks cool, but what is Woven’s gameplay about?
-Woven has a relaxing playstyle in which you explore a woollen environment for clues and collectibles. By spotting and figuring out how to reach coloured patches, you unlock features you can use to customize your character with.
The game also offers challenges that require you to change your characters shape, so you have the right ability needed, and puzzles that you will need to solve by thinking outside of the box. Stuffy’s abilities often trigger a reaction in the creatures of the world, and it is up to you to time it right, or find a way to provoke the correct response.


Does Woven have a Discord channel?
-Why yes it does: feel free to join our community, ask us stuff, and be the first to see new screenshots, clips and hear news. The team is mostly active round CEST, but the community come from all corners of the world.


What engine was Woven built in, it looks like the Unreal Engine.
-Take a number, guess again! It was built using the Unity engine.


How big is your development team?
-A short question that deserves a long answer. Woven has a core team of three people. But the game was developed over the course of 3 years, and the team size has varied from as little as a single developer working on it to having 6 people working on it. Over the years a lot of different people pitched in with contributions big or small, and we are proud to credit them all in the end credits. The game boasts the creativity of 19 people counting the programmers, designers, directors, voice actor, composer, 2D and 3D artists.


I saw this project in its Kickstarter days, will I still recognize Woven when I play it?
-Yes you will. Of course the engine has been updated, and so have the visuals, story and gameplay. The kickstarter page by now holds lots of outdated information. But it still is that laid-back exploration game with a focus on story, collectibles and lots of cute creatures.
On kickstarter we wrote blogs detailing changes on gameplay and story.


Digital or Retail release?
-Woven will have a digital release. As far as ambitious planning went, that’s were we drew the line.


Does Woven have extra content for the Xbox One X and Playstation4 Pro?
-Not extra content, but the game does have a higher resolution than on the base versions of the consoles.


Will save games be interchangeable between platforms?
-No, at the moment Woven does not support this.


What will the team do after this, Woven 2?
-Who knows, we might return to Stuffy’s woollen world some day. But for now we have something in mind that is quite different. But in all Alterego Games does, it will focus on story and ambiance.


I want to help the team, how do I do this?
– A major way to help is by telling people about us. We’re a small company, so following our social media channels and retweeting/sharing/liking our content really helps it become more visible for other people. or
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